Last week I had the privilege of photographing my cousin's family. They are an awesome bunch and we had tons of fun. We were joined, on our photo shoot, by Dr. Danny (pictured swinging in the top photo) and Pez Batman making an already fun time even better!


Ruth Ann said...

fun! I'm supposed to do family pics one day soon...a bit nervous about it, 'cause I don't how they'll all turn out. I guess you just go with the flow and take lots of pictures? And end up with lots of good memories. I'm glad I at least was able to watch you do the family in CO and see how you interacted with them...that (the interacting) is still something I'm needing to get better at, since I get so concentrated into all the technical aspects of photography, but the interacting is so important for the end result. Thanks for sharing some of these photos.

Oh, and may I ask? How do you put together your collages for your blog? Do you just *throw it together* in Photoshop? Is there a method to the way you do it, and would you mind sharing?

You have my email if you don't want to leave a long comment like that.

Ruth Ann, IPS, CO, 2008

~cm~ said...

i had to digress to outlook 2003 bc of our stupid server and not wanting to function with 2007 and i just realized that means my RSS feeds no longer work bc 2003 was before the cool age of RSS feeds. boo. mad mad mad. now i have try and remember to come visit you again. as always lovely photographs dear friend.
see you soon!