Down with The Man! Party!

I realize that it is a little late for a Labor Day party post.. but when you are trying to post about not working you spiral into a bit of a catch 22. My Aunt and Uncle hosted the the hottest party in T-town with cheeses and cake to die for. All of the coolest people were there... my family. My cousin from England made the trip along with her son and we all had a great time. Those who were absent were missed and those who weren't invited... tough luck ;)

If you'd like to see all 60-sum-odd photos catch this link. To see the collage bigger, just click on it. And, as always, comment till your heart's content.


Anonymous said...

This is a super candid of your
Uncle Scott... a great get together with your cousin Lisa from England, a delightful time for your Grandparents, and a fun ending dance with my honey, aka your Dad. "nice twirl shot" QMB

Ruth Ann said...

family times are great - to get together and not have any pressing engagements to get out of there.

yes, I would agree that is is kinda late for talking about labor day, but like you said...you have to work to post it so that loses the idea of 'labor day'. Although, why isn't it called 'No Labor Day' if you're NOT supposed to work then??? It's always confused me...

Hope all is well in Ohio. It seems like AGES since IPS... *sadness*

- Ruth Ann from IPS PWP1 & PWP2 in Manitou Springs, Colorado