Jon+Ori Engagement-ographs

Just last weekend I had the privilege of photographing one of my oldest friends (I don't mean that my friend is old... I just mean to say that I have known him for a long time) and his recently acquired fiancee. Though I had been previously booked and thus unable to shoot for them this coming May, I was thrilled to be a part of their life together though their engagement photos. Jon is an amazing guy and I have no doubt that he and Ori will live happily ever after.

On a business note, I have decided to change up my proofing process. I think that everyone will be more than pleased with the change... I'm not going to actually tell you what I will be doing now... I just wanted to get you curious :) I'll tell you more in a future post, hopefully with some photos of how it all came out.

Until then, enjoy the pics.

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Orianna said...

I love them!!... do you think you could put more up of us together?