Shooting RAW!

I'm always looking for a reason to shoot more pictures, and NOW with 12 MORE gigs of memory I can shoot 'till the cows come home! Better than that, I can shoot in a better file format 'till the cows come home!! I am drunk with compact flash memory power! With this beautiful addition of memory I will be shooting exclusively in the RAW file format.

RAW format offers more colors per image, more post processing options, and an overall higher quality. If you (or your photographer) are not yet shooting in RAW, for most or all of your imaging, you gotta check it out. Thanks to lightroom and now
Adorama such capturing and work flow is better than ever!

* clarification: I have been shooting with raw for a lot of projects but have not had the card space to shoot entire weddings in raw.... so, now, I am 100% on the raw gravy train :)


e.scott said...

nice image. expensive image, too

I'm surprised you haven't already been shooting exclusively in RAW (your post-processing certainly doesn't betray). The only time I'm not is when I'm doing Hockney-style montages for an architecture project and that usually means 50 shots per "image", each needing only to be about 1024 x 800 or so.

Ruth Ann said...

Yeah RAW is absolutely awesome! I'm really surprised that you weren't already shooting in it. Cause, what did we learn at IPS? That RAW was the way to go if you are wanting to be able to do more stuff??? So yeah...but I can encourage you in this because I've been shooting in RAW for over a month now and it is amazing...superbly so! And Lightroom...well let's say I still have lots to learn but I'm not going back....it's so amazing and fun! :) Congratulations on the 'step-up' - that's great! Now...for me to get over the shock of this news...that might take awhile!

Brett said...

Yeah - I'm with you Benjamin. For small client work I shoot in Raw.. but an entire wedding day? Up to this point I've shot jpeg... I really want to jump to shooting Raw for the entire day - but I'll need to completely reinvest in my flash card situation. Thankfully - that will be happening.

Nice pic btw - cracks me up.