Books for EVERYONE!!!

I am so very excited to announce that the innovation of Derk's Works has struck again with hardback proof books for all occasions! Effective immediately every senior, family, engagement, wedding, day after session (I think you might get the idea... everything) will be getting proofs in a custom designed 7"x7" hard cover book!

These books are awesome for showing off your rocking-self on your coffee table, kitchen table, bookshelf or just carrying around with you where ever you go.

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today.


Sarah said...

Where do you get them printed?

bguido said...

We definitely love our book and have enjoyed sharing it with EVERYONE we come in contact with. Oh... and they all LOVE it! Job well done!!

Chenoa said...

I'm a fellow photographer hoping you will share where you get those awsome looking books made!

Benjamin said...

I get my books printed from Blurb.com

they do a great job and are continually coming out with new and better ways to print. their customer service is fantastic and i love the result.

i have a few special tweaks that i give to all my books, including a custom designed front and back cover as well as a personalized custom logo.