New Camera Stuffns

Last Monday I got new photo equipment! I was able to upgrade my equipment to a pair of 20Ds. The one that I had previously, has a 24-70 f/2.8 L series and the other (new 20D) has the 70-200 f/2.8 L series lens (also new)! Truly wedding journalistic standard gear, but I am super pumped for the upgrade. I also upgraded my flashes by adding a 530 speed light into the mix! After discussing with a friend, we decided that the old flash (the 420) is going into retirement. It will still come into work every now and then but it will work less hard and vacation often to Florida. Even though we all know that the coolest part about the whole flash situation is the slavery of the 420 by the new master 530! For dignity we will continue to call it retirement though ;) In the images, please note that even my dog is looking at the new lens, licking her lips and thinking, “that looks mighty delicious!” And we all know that she’s right in thinking that.

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~cm~ said...

you are my special friend. and your new equipment is worthy of jealousy. rock on.