A few weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting another wedding with Making the Moment (these guys do awesome video work and some pretty stylin' photography, please note that the image of me in the lower left hand corner was shot by Brett) in Muskegon Michigan. Being a pretty long drive up we all carpooled and were able to talk about all sorts of cool photography stuff from blogs to Polaroids to sky saturation and the recent release of Lightroom2!

Andrea and her group of girls were a fabulous bunch to hang out with all day, I'm not sure if I should be allowed to laugh so much while o
n the job, and they were well balanced by James and his hilarious group of guys. It was a beautiful day with awesome food and great company. Over dinner I admitted to Brett that the toasts were so well done that I even cried a little behind my camera... he said that he too was waiting for the prayer so that he could wipe his eyes! Lol!

So that's the weekend in a nutshe
ll, if I left anything too important out hopefully Brett or Joe will correct me in the comments. Enjoy the photos! I know I enjoyed shooting and editing them.

Oh, I should also add, while looking at the images you will notice that they laugh a lot but just can seen to get the whole jumping at the same time thing down! I don't think that they would do very well in the Olympics for sincro-jumping... even if they did have four years to practice.


Brett said...

Holy cow - great times. Joe and I loved shooting with you man - had some fun on this one.

Brooklyn Bagels forever - I miss it so.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing, man. You are definitely a "wise sage". I can't wait to see more of your stuff when you get your site up to speed.