The life and color of Colorado

So, it was a long trip and I learned a lot about overweight luggage! Apparently when you take the biggest suitcase from your attic and fill it with books, camera gear and clothes it quickly falls under the category of "freight weight!" The country out here is beautiful and the days are packed. I love the people that I am working with and can't wait to plug their websites and blogs. All of the students are doing an awesome job and are all jazzed to be here... too much fun.

I look forward to posting some more photos soon, for now I need to get to bed, tomorrow we will be going to shoot the sunrise at the Garden of the Gods!

click the pic, enjoy, comment, rock on like it's 1995


Jennifer said...

I really enjoy this picture, I feel like there is a story being told, I find myself, wondering what this story will hold, when does it take place...it's like the being a of Steinbeck novel...when he is painting the scene, panning from one side to the other.

Hope you are enjoying Colorado...Columbus misses you ;)

Ruth Ann said...

tell me about luggage. :) Mine wasn't overweight but it sure felt like it...for the next few days I was so sore from carrying that stuff around.

I'm glad you enjoy being around us...that makes it all the more exciting. If you didn't like being here, it'd be a whole lot different. :)