Teaching in CO

Coming up in September I have been invited by my friend Rowan to join the IPS team for two weeks of teaching in Colorado! I am super excited to see how God will use me to encourage students and fellow instructors alike in photography, excellence and creativity!

Along with the territory of being an IPS instructor, I get to submit a photograph and a little bio. As soon as I got the e-mail last night I went through all sorts of pictures I had of myself and decided that I had to just shoot a new one. So here are some of the results. Let me know what ya think!

P.S. There are still seats available in the courses if you want to join me out there!


~cm~ said...
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~cm~ said...

sorry bout the oops got ya excited for 2 comments when there are only one... ness. ;-) why, benjamin, you look positively dignified. my 2 favorites are the bottom left because its like photographer to the rescue!! and the top middle because i'm a sucker for the polaroid game. i think you're going to have a grand time in Colorado. i'm jealous. lovelove.

Ruth Ann said...


I'm so glad that Rowan asked you to be on IPS staff and help teach. You definitely have been humorous part of my week, and I'm thankful when someone is around who just makes people laugh...it relieves tension, and well, is just lots of fun! It's been nice getting to know you some and the patience you have with us all as you teach. You're definitely a great IPS instructor. :) Thank you for all the time you have poured into all of us students this week....and, I can't wait till your bio page is up on the IPS website so I can check it out!!!

~ Ruth Ann