so I guess it's my turn

I have been looking and drooling over some of my photo-graphical hero's blogs (the image is found and Sean Flanigan) an i decided that it was about time for me to put out a blog of my own. I am still working on the super-cool version (as well as the super-cool version of my web site... but it's coming, little by little) so until then, I will get into the blogging habit with the blogspot.

So, here it goes... I guess it's my turn. Stay tuned, comment often, and I hope you enjoy the images and findings that I post.


Benjamin said...

test comment.

Hope said...

Awesome Benj! I love your work! :) Hope

Anonymous said...

Ben I am very impressed with everything!!! Your photography is so amazing! I love it, no picture is alike!!!! I am so excited that you are going to CO, if you haven't been...it is amazing and you may want to never come home!! I know I love it! God bless and I hope you continue to be amazing! lol no doubt you will.